Welcome to our company

Api Hydro Mechanical Private Limited (AHM) was founded on the 24th September 2014 by Hydropower developer groups having under construction of 5 Small hydropower projects in Nepal and abroad and run by qualified professional of hydro mechanicals.

As during construction, most of project gets delay due to hydro mechanical fabrication works. To reduce hydro mechanical fabrication time, it is needy to set workshop with latest technology and automation. To fulfill this market demand AHM was founded. To meet these goals AHM took over the Radha Structure and Engineering Pvt. Ltd which was pioneer in steel structure and had more than three decades of experience in various fields i.e. General Structure, Industrial Structure, Poles and Towers, Substation and transmission, MicroHydroPower, Motorable bridge, Trail and suspension bridges. Besides Machineries of Radha Structure, AHM has two Numerical controls Universal Hydraulic rolling machine, MIG welding machine, automatic Submerged Arc Welding machine and Vertical lathe machine. Due to these Automatic machineries, fabrication time at AHM will be very less and can deliver the product in very short period of time.

At A Glance

  • Managed by AHM since September 2014
  • One of the pioneers of steel structure of Nepal
  • Equipeed with latest technology and human resources
  • Reduces hydro mechanical work time and improve quality
  • Run by group of hydropower developers
  • Participation on Nepal Electricity Authority's tender works